WhatsApp Business - Starter Guide

If you have been looking to update the ways you communicate and collect data easily, this application is perfect for that. WhatsApp is a messaging app used by over a billion people around the globe. It is prominently used in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

It was bought by Facebook a few years back at $19 billion ($47/user) back in 2014. Most people use the app to be in touch with their family and friends. Yet, recently people have been using the app to connect with different businesses.

WhatsApp Business has the mission to improve and to simplify communications with clients. You can achieve this using its automation, organization, and quick response tools.

Your small business can use this app. And, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to use the app and how important it can be for your communications.


It is a free app that works with Android and iOS. This platform has implemented tools to help small, medium, and large businesses to communicate with a large pool of clients. It has also improved communications between businesses.

We know that each business has its own set of needs. Some need ways to classify clients. Others want faster ways to respond to customer communications. Some of these needs are covered in this app.


First, the app allows your business to have a profile with a full description, specialties, and biographical information (email, phone, address). This is very useful because every user has access to finding the basics of your business.

The app counts with messaging automation tools like message templates for FAQs, welcome messages, and away messages. These help speed things up when responding.

It has a simple statistics panel where you can see messages that have been read, delivered, and answered. This way you can measure the outcomes of your communications and be more precise when modifying.

We all know how challenging it can be to organize your contacts. You will be able to label each type of client. This feature will help you access and manage your database more efficiently.

It is completely compatible with WhatsApp web, so you can have your messaging channel in your work computer.


1. Download the App

2. Create a business profile with your phone number

Do it correctly because you can only do it once. You must verify the phone number. It is important to say that the phone number used can not be the same phone number used in the regular app. After verifying, you will enter the business profile.

3. Complete your commercial profile

Here, you have to input your business biographical information:

  • Name and photo

  • Type of business

  • Address

  • Category

  • Hours of operation

  • Email

  • Website(s)

  • Status

4. Catalog your products and services

In this section, you can catalog your products and services by name, add photos, pricing, description, web link, and product/service code.

5. Create a short link with a predetermined message

This link can be used in your website, paid advertising, and emails for your followers to send you a quick, predetermined message. Think strategically about the action you want them to take when they communicate with you.

6. Update your away message

Transmit to them the best way to reach you out of business hours, or simply ask them to be patient as a representative goes online to answer them.

7. Update your greeting message

An immediate way to establish the first contact with your client since the message goes out to people who are messaging you for the first time, or those who haven’t been in touch in over 14 days. Here you can use the right verbiage to generate a reaction in the user.

8. Optimize your quick response templates

Predetermined templates are designed to answer FAQs quickly. You can create as many as you need. These can save you time, which is essential in today’s era.

This is our quick beginners' guide for WhatsApp Business. Follow it step by step. It will help you create a solid profile to communicate with your clients.

If you want to know more about how to improve your communications and data collections, contact our team for more information.

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