Marketing and Advertising in Times of Crisis

Updated: Apr 13

The market has changed and it’s affecting the way we all do business. But there is no reason to freak out! In this article, we will give you a different perspective on how to redirect your efforts during this time of crisis. We are going to discuss ways you can use your time efficiently, stage your home/office to create content, and give industry-specific advice to overcome the adversities to come.

With COVID-19 forcing all countries to go in a state of alert, close borders, and quarantine everyone, a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed. Maybe your employees must work from home, or your restaurant can’t receive guests. Whichever your scenario, there are proactive things you can do to still improve your business.


Now, like never, you will have time to create content. Working with our clients, we have learned that the time to generate content is always limited because they are taking care of their clients. So, it is always a battle against the clock to schedule shooting or filming times with them. Plus, creating content is not limited to photoshoots or filming professionals. Your digital presence has many sections that need your attention.

Here are our ideas:

  1. Plan a personal or product photoshoot at home

  2. Start that video series you always wanted

  3. Learn how to grow your social media channels organically

  4. Improve your website, landing page, or online listings

  5. Start your e-commerce page to sell products/subscriptions

  6. Join an affiliate marketing or brand ambassador program

  7. Strategize your funnels that will go out once the crisis is over

Use these ideas to think outside the box and innovate different ways your business can generate income through the outbreak. As a matter of fact, some of these strategies will create passive income streams that, if you execute and foster them correctly, will pay off over time. You never know when you can discover a new passion or profitable way to improve your business.


Many of us take for granted that our home or establishment can become a content creation paradise. You must look further than the obvious. For example, since I (Rafael Laurentin) had to stay in Medellin, Colombia with my family during the outbreak, I was forced to work with what I had. The initial idea was to go back to my studio in Orlando, Florida, where I would start what today are the 360 Tutorials. Below, we will leave you videos and photos of the different spaces around the house that became our scenarios.

  1. City at Night

  2. The Brick Wall

  3. Sunny View


In this section, we will give you some simple ideas for each industry we have experience in. These will be based on the current strategies we are implementing with our clients.

  • Fitness & Wellness

If you are a personal trainer, class instructor, or wellness practitioner, you are experiencing a halt in your schedule with your clients. Therefore, creating an online presence is key at this point.

  1. Start simple online tutorials that people can tune in to

  2. Sell an at-home online training program

  3. Create your Yoga, Zumba, or any-discipline YouTube Channel

  • Restaurants & Food Services

Since quarantines are going to continue, it is important that your restaurant can supply deliveries and take-out efficiently. Therefore, tightening up your online and local marketing towards these services is a must for you.

  1. Join food delivery apps like UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, Rappi, and others

  2. Boost your social media organically and paid

  3. Use leisure time to take photos and videos

  4. Promote with a discount to decrease risk in losing food and produce

  • Real Estate

Sales in this industry depend on lots of factors. Some of them are the movement of people, availability of funding, and inventory. Since you won’t be able to attend events or networking groups, a great strategy is creating online funnels.

  1. Create videos and graphics that talk about tips, market stats, and useful information

  2. Develop a landing page and email campaign to keep your subscribers informed

  3. Write blogs constantly with the important market and crisis updates

In conclusion, these strategies should help you and your business overcome this crisis we are all living today. In the end, this is not the end of humanity or the last time we will face a global pandemic. So, we all might as well make great use of our time and keep growing while we all fight together for a better world. Don’t forget to help each other and be considerate of those who need help; plus, share information about the crisis responsibly and always check your sources.

If you need help solidifying your online presence, contact our team and we will be happy to help.

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