• Paola Flechas Valderrama

Designing your Fall Themed Campaign Effectively

The last quarter of the year calls for Halloween, Thanksgiving and December celebrations that give your brand an opportunity to get closer to your customers. As we enter a more customer service-oriented world, it’s all about personalizing your brand and making your brand stand out more than your competitors.

Here are some tips that will help guide your Fall themed campaign this holiday season:

1. Connect your Brand with the Season

Don’t mistake this with placing pumpkin icons all over your marketing material. You have to find how to tie your brand into the season. For example, coffee shops sell their pumpkin-spiced latte’s and promote fall flavors to entice customers. If you’re a travel agency, share photos and information on the top low-cost vacation spots near fall festivals or other events.

2. Run a Themed Promotion

Let’s say you decide to sell fall-flavored food items. How will you let people know that you are celebrating the fall season with them? Change up your brand logo by giving it a fall-themed feel and share it on social media. Add a short caption explaining your promo or event and a link to your site. This may not apply to all businesses, so make sure you have already established how you want your brand to connect with customers (food, fall discounts, etc.)

3. Social Tags

People often search for what they want on social media through hashtags. This is your chance to expand your business’s visibility. Research what the top hashtags are related to the industry you serve and use those in your own material. For example, for fall-themed food posts, #FallFlavors could be a good hashtag to explore. The following is a list of great hashtags to use during Fall:

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