From our founders

Rafael Laurentin

Rafael Laurentin is the left and right sides of the Sensomedia brain. With a dynamic background as a freelancer and entrepreneur, he utilizes his creativity and business experience together for his passion: building profitable, results-driven businesses.

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Mario Simauchi

It’s one thing to guess your next move. It’s another to know exactly what to do to meet your goals. Mario is our man with the answers when it comes to all things finance and analytics. With his advice, our clients are jump-started toward the path of growth and stability.

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Paola Flechas

Content Specialist & Writer

Valentina Capielo

Make-Up Artist & Creator

Carlos Mendez

Creative Producer

Cristina Martinez

Graphic Artist & Web Designer

Yurek Carreño

Account Manager - Sales

Lucero Vargas

Graphic Artist & Motion Graphic Designer

Kaly Laurentin

Official Pawfficer